Continuing the good work

2014 - Climate Change Action Bangladesh

Climate Change Action Bangladesh Project

2014 - Community Mediation Project

community mediation and training course

2014 - Women's Health & Well Being Initiative

women's health and well being project

2013 - Community Mediation Project

Amana Community Mediation Project 2013

2013 - Water Tanker for Tanzania

water tanker going to tazania

Amana foundation is raising £2000 to pay for a motorbike water tanker for Tanzania.  the tanker will be used to deliver 5000 litres of water daily to remote areas helping hundreds of people access clean water.

The project was formally announced at the Amana Honours presentation on March 26th

Faruk Rashid from Oldham, will be personally going to tanzania in June to deliver the tanker and he will report back.